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  • To implement rural development programmes for the upliftment of the weaker section of society without any caste and creed;
  • To provide income generating programmes and increase employment opportunity for the weaker section of society;
  • To expedite social welfare programmes;
  • To sponsor programmes of health, care and family planning;
  • To provide conduct/sponsor basic services including education for children;
  • To implement Youth programmes, specially through youth leadership training, training in skill of non students, organization of youth camps for national integration, survey and research work, seminar and conference etc.
  • To conduct or sponsor vocational training programmes;
  • To promote the application of science and technology;
  • To facilitate, spread and enhancement of education, literature and music according to knowledge of the people;
  • To establish, construct and maintain educational institutes; excluding technical and Medical Institution;
  • To promote agricultural activities and ensure protection of animal husbandry;
  • To organize relief works during natural calamities;
  • To promote library science by sponsoring diploma courses, workshop and training;
  • To make arrangements for women development through credit programme and awareness generation;
  • To do relief works for orphans, the poor, the aged and the destitute.